NotiPage - FREE Webpages Monitoring Software

What is NotiPage ?

NotiPage is a FREE webpages monitoring software.
Once you've configured a monitoring alert related to a specific webpage, NotiPage will automatically check this webpage on a periodic basis until all the set criteria are met. At that time, NotiPage will warn you by a visual and audible alert.

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“Since i've discovered NotiPage, i don't waste my time anymore checking the same webpage over and over for a specific information, or checking a thread over and over for the answer to my question !”

Garic Broel

We are pleased to announce you the release of NotiPage version 1.20, that contains a lot of new features !!! Please refer to Features page for more informations...
The 2.0 version of NotiPage will soon be released, with a lot of new features like Email alerts, alerts logs, etc...... Keep informed !!!
Please help us to improve NotiPage by making suggestions to us : Contact or by making a donation : Donate